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Victorian Premier's Design Awards Finalist

Project: STREAT Pantry

Exciting news! KHID has been shortlisted for the 2023 Victorian Premier's Design Awards. Big shoutout to our incredible team at KHID for making it to the finals for our project STREAT Pantry. Honoured to be in the running with top talent. We're thrilled to announce that our team will be at the awards night and celebrate!

About the project

In the heart of vibrant Collingwood, lies STREAT Pantry, a place where kindness and community thrive. This KHID-designed takeaway café embodies the essence of STREAT's identity, creating a heart-warming home for its people.

Visitors are asked to indulge in the STREAT Pantry, a cutting-edge 'grab & go' gem, just 210 meters from STREAT HQ on Cromwell Street. Positioned in the vibrant ground floor lobby of a character building, right beside the IWG co-working office, this dynamic workplace café boasts an array of daily fresh bread, pantry essentials with long shelf-life, soothing coffee, and even lush plants.

But there's a deeper purpose: beyond functionality lies the heart of the design brief - an opportunity to showcase and exalt the incredible produce crafted by STREAT trainees. Immersing you in a world of heavenly bakery goods and thriving horticulture, it's a celebration of accomplishment and pride for the whole STREAT family.

The designers were tasked with creating a hub of innovation and community, where every bite and sip contributes to empowering young talents and embracing a sense of triumph.

Visit our portfolio for more information of STREAT Pantry project.

Design: @khidstudio 

Construction: @Intermain

Photographer: @nicoleengland 

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