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The team at KHID is very excited to share some fantastic news! KHID is the proud recipient of a Silver Award in the Interior Design - Co-Working & Studio Space category at the prestigious Better Future Melbourne Awards.

A sincere thank you to the awards committee for acknowledging our outstanding office design and inviting us to participate in such a delightful evening highlighting design innovation. This achievement is one shared by the entire KHID team. Their creativity, dedication, attention to detail, thoughtful ideas, and hard work culminated in a workspace that encourages collaboration, productivity, and a sense of unity. More importantly, it's one we all love!

We believe that, as human beings, we are influenced by the space we are in. That’s why our spaces are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also designed to positively influence how people work, serve, and live. If you want to see what that can look like, we encourage you to get in touch or, even better, come an visit us at our award-winning offices!

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