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About us

For us, interior design is both art and science. It’s as much about what’s behind the wall as what’s in front of it.

We believe that, as human beings, we are influenced by the space we are in. That’s why our spaces are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also designed to positively influence how people work, serve, and live.

We don’t just design functional, intelligent work and living spaces. We design inspirational spaces that are more practical, ethical, sustainable, healthy, and satisfying.


We commit wholeheartedly to our clients and our projects. When you work with us, you’ll work with the same team throughout. Our people will use their combined knowledge of the art and science of interior design to help you understand, conceive, design, explain, and create something exceptional.

We promise that we’ll always put your needs first, be flexible in our approach, and consider every practical option while carefully choosing the best interior design solution for you and your people.



Katrina Hooker
Creative Directer & Founder

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