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Project: Medhealth


in Design

We know that a strategically designed workplace, will not only look incredible, but can also deliver measurable ROI and tangible benefits.

Successful businesses know that a strong and positive workplace culture is a powerful key driver that can influence productivity and empower the workforce.
Paramount to the design is establishing your business goal and aspirations, understanding purpose and direction.
Through surveys, collaborative workshops, interviews and focus groups we develop a strategy report/return brief. Supported by the strategic findings, we seek to understand your project objectives and business goals to curate your brief.​
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Information Gathering and Analysis

We don’t make assumptions.
We listen and observe, converse
and collaborate with you to
unpack the details and nuances that will best serve your community.
Workplace Ecosystem Surveys
  • Key strategic and operational objectives identified

  • Ethnographic questionnaires and surveys

  • Existing physical space/proposed space limitations & site surveys


Aligning Values and Goals

We think intently about function, community, connection and culture.
We believe the right combination of carefully considered function and purposeful form achieves an intuitive
space, one that
unlocks potential, value and fulfilment.
Findings and SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of business goals in conjunction with survey results

  • Development of trends data and needs identification

  • Strengths, weakenesses, opportunities and threats findings


Successful Transitions

Fulfilling our responsibility to ensure that the design works as intended, meets your expectations and ensuring staff are satisfied with their new environment. Post occupancy evaluations act as an opportunity to assess the project from a user perspective.
Post-Occupancy Analysis

We partner with consultants to provide a variety of sensor services to accurately assess the effective implementation and usage of spaces.

Real-time feedback that measures any changes in behaviors and needs.