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There's No Place Like Work - Part Two

Many theories surrounding new work styles have risen since our pandemic lives began. As a result, workplace design is rapidly changing. There has been no greater focus toward the impacts of design and its ability to create such positivity, to empower employees and support them through such drastic change. As we begin to re-open doors in 2021, the big question companies now face is how to navigate the difficult waters of a pandemic office life and helping your employees regain confidence. Businesses are evaluating their workspaces and their employees new expectations. Since health concerns have arose from COVID-19, the issue at large is how do we now create a sense of security, alleviate health concerns and reinvigorate enthusiasm toward returning to the workplace.

The KHID team have explored how we believe workplace design can assist in these challenges. Affectionately nicknamed our ‘There’s No Place Like Work’ philosophy, this discussion has been inspired by Dorothy who famously says ‘there’s no place like home’ in the iconic screenplay and cinema The Wizard of Oz. This notion captures KHID’s firm belief that work is apart of our day-to-day routines and nothing can replace it. It should provide employees a sense of fulfilment, purpose, wellbeing and excitement. So how do we achieve these objectives within a COVID-19 interrupted world?

Designing to Facilitate Wellbeing

Given the magnitude of unprecedented change that has been placed on humanity, its fair to say many employees have heightened sensitivities and heightened increased concerns. How can design reduce stress during such a worrying time, help alleviate anxieties surrounding the virus and provide a sense of normality to employees?

Designing for Security & Health

Until a vaccine becomes available, it is fair to say concerns surrounding health and the threat of COVID-19 will be at the forefront of office life for the foreseeable future. How can design reduce potential health risks, evoke a feeling of safety and create a COVID-considered environment to provide employees confidence when returning to work?

Designing for The Future

The future impacts of COVID-19 remain uncertain. Change has become a part of our daily expectations and its critical businesses remain flexible and prepared at any given time. How can design help the office adapt to ever-changing office requirements, become flexible with restrictions and future proof the workplace to reduce unexpected expenditures and retain productivity?

KHID believes these three categories are the most critical in businesses achieving success when re-entering the workplace. Our ‘There’s No Place Like Work’ design philosophy aims to explore these principles in detail to ensure a personalized design strategy and solution specific to your people. Additional impacts of workplace design are:

• Create a sense of certainty in an uncertain world; instilling confidence in your staff.

• It can build energy within an office – creating excitement and increase staff morale. Inflicting positive change and points of interest.

• It can promote a desired cultural shift and help push the workplace toward a more positive outlook.

• We can design for better functionality, create stronger department synergies, and more efficient ways of working increasing productivity.

We are firm believers of knowledge, creativity and the beneficial impacts of intuitive design.

Start a conversation with us on how we can assist you in overcoming operational challenges with intuitive strategic design.

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