KHID is a full service commercial interior design firm, we provide the complete range of services required to take a project from briefing through construction.  We are committed to total design solutions – balancing the built environment, culture, branding and experience.

Spanning law, government, education, retail, hospitality, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and more, our industry experience is vast and portfolio proven.


Understanding the people, products, challenges and goals behind our projects is one of the most thrilling parts of our job.  We're passionate about problem-solving and it shows - in work that's not only artful and elegant but intelligent and engaging too.  

As accomplished operators in workplace design, we exist to execute our simple brand promise - to create "ENVIRONMENTS THAT WORK".


Environments that facilitate highly productive people and business.   Environments that support great energy, buzzing human interactions and of course impressive return on investment for bottom line benefit.  

But most importantly KHID environments are ones that evoke true pleasure and positivity.  

"We are passionate about problem-solving and it shows - in work that's artful, elegant, intelligent and engaging"

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